Friday, December 6, 2013

Twitter for educators, students, and professional development

Are you using Twitter?  I have become very interested in it over the past few months.  If you would like to follow me, check out @JonnyCurriculum.  That being said, while I do follow people back, I really use Twitter as a resource.  By following tags instead of people, I can mold Twitter to be an amazing resource catered to my specific needs.

When looking for educational tags to follow, you might start by checking here.  Jerry has compiled a very long list of tags to check out.  Another idea might be participating in Twitter chats.  These are an amazing way to connect with like-minded educators.  Even if you don't participate, you can still watch the chat when it is and isn't active.  See Jerry's chat schedule page here.

If you are using an iPhone, I have found the HootSuite app to be my favorite.  I have made a walkthrough for people to follow on how to get things set up.  You can access that here.  However, I find it best and most efficient to do all of this from my computer.  I like the TweetDeck app on my MacBook, but it can also be used through the Google Chrome web store.  Check out my walkthrough for that here.  

For some basic explanations of what Twitter really is, some of the terms, and more resources (like how it can be tied to Bloom's and how you can connect with other Oklahoma educators) check out my notes from a previous PD presentation here.